The Third Rail

Bar and Grill

"Get Derailed"

Happy Hour-  Monday - Friday 3-6pm. Starting at 3pm, BOGO 16-ounce tap beers and $.50 off alcoholic beverages and canned/bottled beer.  

Sundays: Meat Raffle @ 6pm or when there are enough people to play, CASH 4 GAS every Sunday from 4-7, winners are announced on our Facebook page every Monday morning!

On Every 4th Monday  FREE Meat R.A.I.L.S AKA Bingo. (If it lands on a holiday, it will be the 3rd Monday) Horse Races ran during this time.


3rd Rail Money Train will be held every Tuesday at 6:30 and is free for anyone to play. The game involves 53 cards. They will be in a sealed case.  To receive a ticket for the drawing, you MUST ask for a ticket by 6:45pm. We will have 3 drawings total, the first two will be for a free drink and the last one for an opportunity to win the pot. First drawing at 7pm, second at 7:15pm and the final drawing at 7:30pm. The pot will start out at $1,000 and grow $1 per ticket given away from the week before. You MUST ask for a ticket. One ticket per person. We will start handing out tickets at 6:30pm. MUST be present to win. Meat Raffle every Tuesday at 6pm or when there are enough people to play.


Every Wednesday at 6:30pm. Packages are $15. All regular games 85% guaranteed payouts.

-Every Saturday at 1pm. Horse Races played during bingo. Packages are $30. All regular games guaranteed $75. 

-Progressive blackout for $1,199 starts at 50#s and goes up each Wednesday and Saturday!

*Cover-all number will increase each week if it does not go out, capping at numbers. If bingo is called in the specified number, the $1,199 is paid. If no bingo is called in the specified number, 5 more calls will be given for a chance at $250. If no bingo is called, the consolation prize of $99 will be paid*

Fridays: Meat Raffle at 6pm or when there are enough people to play, Luck of the Draw Dart Tournament @ 7:30pm, signup at 6:30pm

Pull Tabs and Electronic Pull Tabs Are available every day from 11am - 12:30am. Saturday/Sunday 10am - 12:30am.

Pool Tables, Dart Boards and tons of TV's showing all your favorite Sports.

Hours We are open from 11am to 1am everyday 365 days a year. The kitchen is open 11am-9pm and closed on holidays, but our made-in-house pizzas are always available.

Patio seating (both covered and uncovered) opens at 11am, pending seasonal weather

Pickup available 11:00am - 9pm

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