Third Rail Money Train will be held every Tuesday at 7:30pm. The game involves 53 cards. They will be in envelopes so no one can see them. The person with the winning ticket gets to come up to draw an envelope and have a chance to pull the money train card.  The pot will start out at $200.00 and grow $1 per ticket given away from the week before. You MUST ask for a ticket. One ticket per person. We will start handing tickets out at 6:30pm. MUST be present to win.

LOD (Darts) Every Friday  sign up at 6:60pm start time 7pm

BINGO every Saturday at 1pm we do take reservations due to covid restrictions. 

-25th DESIGNER PURSE/TWINS TICKETS BINGO $30 Per Package. Pre sale for your packet at our pull tab booth. This will reserve you  a seat.

-26TH FREE Meat Rails BINGO 6:30pm